Company Background

For three generations, ECOR Industries has been a locally owned and operated family business. Today our Lawn Spray & Pest Control technicians proudly service over 2,100 residential and commercial locations throughout Brevard County. On any given day, approximately 750,000 square feet of lawns are being serviced by our technicians. Our Aquatic Weed Control division maintains over 2,000 acres of ponds, lakes, ditches, canals and wetlands throughout the county.

Whether it is lawn spraying, pest control or aquatic weed control, we want to be your service provider and give you the commitment to value and quality that we have become known for throughout Brevard County.

Company Timeline

  • 1971: Alan Garoust and his son, Mike Garoust Sr. started ECOR as a fiberglass submarine fabricator.
  • 1970’s: ECOR branched out into other fiberglass fabrication, including components and eventually entire spray tank assemblies for local lawn spray companies. Through 1983, ECOR assembled 110 lawn spray trucks for companies throughout the Southeastern US.
  • 1980: ECOR acquired a local lawn spray company (White Top Spray Service) and began transitioning away from fiberglass fabrication to full-time lawn spray operations.
  • 1986: Alan Garoust retired, leaving Mike Garoust Sr. to run ECOR. Mike Sr. expanded operations to include indoor Pest Control services.
  • 1992: Mike Garoust Jr. graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in business and minor in entomology and joined the family business, starting at the ground level - doing lawn and pest control applications.
  • 2000: Mike Jr. started the Aquatic Weed Control division, enabling ECOR to provide services requested by the growing communities of Brevard County. ECOR now has 6 technicians servicing over 2,000 acres of ponds, lakes, ditches, canals and wetlands throughout Brevard.
  • 2010: Mike Jr.’s wife, Lisa, left her local hospital finance department manager position to join the family business as controller.
  • 2014: Mike Sr. retired, handing the operations of the company off to Mike Jr. who continues to lead the business to this day.

Our Commitment

Our family and employees share the same parks, schools, roads, and resources as you do so we have a vested interest in protecting our community and our environment. By choosing ECOR, you have made the right choice. We are committed to providing our customers with quality old-fashioned service that has been handed down for three generations. Whether it is lawn spraying, pest control or aquatic weed control, we pay close attention to detail while treating you with courtesy and respect.

We are proud members of the Florida Pest Management Association and Florida Aquatic Plant Management Society. Learn more.

We can customize our residential and commercial property programs to meet your budgetary and scheduling needs. As a family-owned small business with strong ties to the community, we offer old-fashioned service with attention to detail.
Thank you! Brian is a great technician. — Andrew K. from Suntree
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