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Are bees creating a problem in your outdoor area? At ECOR Lawn Spray & Pest Control, we have the equipment and training needed for safe bee removal in Melbourne and throughout Central and South Brevard. We have been trained by the University of Florida, and you will find our company on the “Bee Removal or Eradication Contact List” from the State of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. 

If you need help with bee removal, contact us online or call (321) 204-2084 for expert service. 

Safe & Efficient Bee Removal 

Bees are essential to a healthy environment and play an important role in pollinating crops. However, a swarm of bees can create a safety hazard, especially for people with an allergy. Some people are aware of a life-threatening allergy but others only discover they are allergic after being stung. Don’t risk your safety and ensure that the job is done right by hiring a trained and experienced technician.

If you find a beehive on your property, the best thing to do is avoid disturbing it and call for professional Melbourne bee removal from ECOR Lawn Spray & Pest Control. The technician will start with an inspection of your property to identify the type of bees and all hives that may be present. The methods that are used will depend on the bee species and its importance as a pollinator. 

A trained bee removal technician knows how to take the proper precautions to remove bees from your property in a way that ensures everyone’s safety. When the bees and hive have been removed, your technician will make sure that all traces of the swarm and the hives are completely gone. This will prevent new bees from being attracted to lingering scents. 

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the difference between bees and wasps?

Bees and wasps are both flying insects, but they have some key differences. Bees are generally rounder and fuzzier, while wasps are slimmer and smoother. Bees are also known for their role in pollination, while wasps are more predatory and often feed on other insects. Additionally, bees typically die after stinging, while wasps can sting multiple times.

Why are bees important for the environment?

Bees play a crucial role in pollinating plants, which helps in the reproduction of many flowering plants and crops. They transfer pollen from the male parts of a flower to the female parts, allowing plants to produce seeds and fruits. Without bees, the ecosystem would suffer, and food production would be significantly affected.

How can I identify a beehive on my property?

A beehive can usually be identified by its distinctive structure. It is often made up of wax cells arranged in a honeycomb pattern. Bees build their hives in various locations, such as trees, walls, or underground. Look for a cluster of bees coming and going from a specific area, as it may indicate the presence of a beehive.

Are bees aggressive and dangerous?

Bees are generally not aggressive and will only sting when they feel threatened or provoked. However, certain factors can make bees more likely to become aggressive, such as the presence of their hive or nest nearby, loud noises, sudden movements, and strong scents. It is important to avoid disturbing bees and seek professional help for safe removal.

What should I do if I encounter a swarm of bees?

If you encounter a swarm of bees, it is important to stay calm and avoid sudden movements. Do not try to swat at or agitate the bees, as this can provoke them. Instead, move away slowly and seek shelter indoors or in a closed vehicle. Contact a professional bee removal service to safely remove the swarm from your property.

Can I remove a beehive on my own?

Removing a beehive on your own can be dangerous and is not recommended. Bees can become aggressive when their hive is disturbed, and their stings can cause severe allergic reactions in some individuals. It is best to leave beehive removal to trained and experienced professionals who have the necessary equipment and knowledge to handle the task safely.

Protect Your Home and Family from Bee and Wasp Infestations

Having a bee or wasp infestation in your home or yard can be not only annoying but also dangerous, especially if you or your family members are allergic to their stings. At Ecor Lawn Spray & Pest Control, we specialize in bee and wasp control in the Melbourne area, offering safe and efficient removal services to ensure the well-being of your home and loved ones.

Why choose our bee and wasp control services:

  • Trained specialists: Our team of experts is highly trained in dealing with bee and wasp infestations. We have the knowledge and experience to identify the species, locate the nests, and safely remove them from your property.
  • Effective and safe removal: We use proven methods and environmentally-friendly products to eliminate bees and wasps without causing harm to you, your family, or the surrounding environment.
  • Prevention and discouragement: In addition to removal, we offer preventative measures to discourage future bee and wasp activity on your property. Our experts can provide advice on sealing potential entry points and implementing strategies to make your home less attractive to these pests.
  • Personalized service: We understand that every customer's situation is unique. That's why we provide personalized service tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Our team will work closely with you to develop a customized plan to address your bee and wasp control needs.

Don't let bee and wasp infestations disrupt your peace of mind. Contact us today at (321) 204-2084 for a free estimate and let our bee and wasp control specialists take care of the problem for you.

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Discouraging Bee Activity on Your Property 

In addition to the lingering scent of the removed bees and hives, other elements may be attracting bees to your property. When conducting an inspection, the technician will alert you to any steps that should be taken to make your property less welcoming to bees. 

You can discourage bee activity by: 

  • Keeping food covered when entertaining outdoors
  • Cleaning up all traces of food or sweet scents 
  • Plant things that repel bees, like peppermint and marigolds 
  • Reduce the number of flowering plants that attract bees
  • Use garbage cans with tightly sealed lids
  • Watch for hives and bee activity 

Bee colonies grow quickly, and larger swarms are more challenging and dangerous. Periodically checking around the outside of your property allows you to notice smaller hives as they appear, so you can call for bee removal before the swarm gets any bigger. 

Call for Help with Bees 

If you have noticed hives, a swarm, or a sudden increase in bee activity, the pros at ECOR Lawn Spray & Pest Control are here when you need us. We offer prompt, professional service for bee removal in Melbourne and services that are always customized to your unique needs. 

Please contact us today at (321) 204-2084 to request bee removal service. 

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