Shrub & Tree Care

After a comprehensive evaluation of your shrubs and trees, we will provide a plan specific to your needs. Custom programs range from single services to comprehensive quarterly service programs with a retreatment guarantee.

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Shrub Care Programs

Depending on the recommendations for your shrub and tree care, we offer:

  • Fertilization and Micronutrients
  • Damaging Insect Control
  • Foliar Fungus Control Vigor

We are a proud provider of ArborJet® trunk injections. This system is a highly efficient and eco-friendly alternative to foliar sprays and soil injections. The materials are placed into the vascular system of the tree, providing a full year’s coverage with one injection. We can treat many different problems in palms or hardwoods ranging from insects to disease to nutrient deficiencies.

ArborJet Services

  • PalmJet for fertilization and micronutrient deficiencies
  • ImaJet for weevils and whitefly
  • TreeAge for borers and the royal palm bug, which provides two years of control
  • PhosphoJet for fusarium and thielaviopsis suppression
  • OTC for bacteria and phytoplasma diseases

Learn more about the benefits of Arborjet's injection technology to provide long-term health for trees and palms.


We can customize our residential and commercial property programs to meet your budgetary and scheduling needs. As a family-owned small business with strong ties to the community, we offer old-fashioned service with attention to detail.
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